Healing Arts Colleges in America

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Find Healing Arts Colleges in the United States and Canada. Today, healing arts colleges are broadly scattered across America. With healing arts colleges offering career training programs in a variety of natural and alternative health fields, students have a plethora of certificate, diploma and degree programs from which to choose.

Core natural health curriculum’s at healing arts colleges often include academics and practical training in basic anatomy and physiology, various massage modalities, essential oils and flower remedies, nutrition, CPR and first aid, herbal remedies and therapies, energy medicine and other holistic healing arts.

While many healing arts colleges offer weekend courses, a great number of these learning institutions provide certificate programs in natural healing and the like. A good example of one of the numerous certification programs extended through healing arts colleges is massage therapy. Students opting to enroll in massage therapy certification programs will gain comprehensive training in typical bodywork therapies including hands-on instruction in Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy, mind/body medicine, as well as general education in anatomy, physiology and other relative subject matter. Depending on which one of several healing arts colleges in which you choose to participate, some massage therapy curriculums may be more expansive and include coursework in Oriental massage, acupressure/Shiatsu, lymph massage, prenatal and infant massage, as well as other specialized training.

Healing arts colleges may also provide extensive training in Oriental medicine. Some of these healing arts colleges offer degree programs, as well as diploma courses. Persons interested in Eastern medicine will find that healing arts colleges provide an expansive curriculum involving Chinese herbal medicine, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Tuina (Chinese medical massage), Chinese medical terminology, and acupuncture and needling techniques; in addition to standard education in human anatomy, Chinese medicine theories and philosophies, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, biology, among other topics.

Chiropractic healing arts colleges are in-depth and require over 4,000 hours in classroom, laboratory and clinical training. Healing arts colleges such as these often require prerequisite education from an accredited school or university; with minimum education being equivalent to that of a bachelor’s degree. The same prerequisites are true for many naturopathic healing arts colleges, and a number of acupuncture schools, as well.

There is a multitude of healing arts colleges from which to choose, so students should always first decide which career path they would like to take. Because there are varying degrees and levels of academic training and education provided through healing arts colleges, some are more focused on specialty fields like naturopathy and chiropractic, while some are broader and include various courses in energy healing, bodywork, body/mind/spirit medicine and general herbal medicine.

With the demand for natural and non-invasive healthcare on the rise, students opting to pursue an education through one of countless healing arts colleges will find that career prospects are steadily increasing, and should have little or no difficulty in attaining lucrative employment both as entrepreneurs and as part of the ever-growing natural healthcare industry.

In general, healing arts careers provide a promising outlook to students, who have acquired necessary academics and practical training in one or more of the above mentioned professions. Candidates seeking healing arts careers should always review course prerequisites, curriculum, school accreditation, and tuition costs prior to enrolling in any one of numerous healing arts schools.

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